300 new jobs by Christmas

300 new jobs by Christmas

We’re really fortunate that we have continued to thrive as a business throughout very challenging times and will seek to reinvest in the local region as we expand to allow us to accommodate our significant increase in size. We are currently seeking additional premises in Sheffield, as we continue to grow.

Ant Marketing is already on the hunt for new premises in Sheffield after acquiring the MarketMakers brand and many of its client accounts.

Combined with strong growth in the existing 600-strong Ant business during the pandemic, the organisation is on a recruitment drive set to surge well into next year.

We want sales and customer support agents, social media monitoring teams, team leaders, trainers and back office support staff.

Ant Marketing was set up by Anthony Hinchliffe 31 years ago. Last year, Ant celebrated 30 years in business with 80 new jobs and a new office handling calls for a major retailer.

Chief executive Mr Hinchliffe, said the MarketMakers deal was ‘just the start’.

“Long term sustainability for our employees, our clients and our wider stakeholders in an increasingly challenging economic environment is at the heart of our agenda and this is just the start of our exciting plans for the future.

“The acquisition is that of brand assets rather than the entire organisation but we are delighted to be able to open up potential career opportunities to any talented people nationwide who would like to be a part of the Ant Marketing team.”

New recruit Gemma Storkey is Ant’s new marketing director after 13 years at MarketMakers in Portsmouth.

She said: “This is a really exciting time for all of the team at Ant and will open up many more jobs for people living in Sheffield.

“It’s reassuring to see Ant grow in size and employ more people than ever, even throughout the pandemic and is testament to Ant’s amazing team of people and the support and trust from our customers.”

Ant’s customers include Heinz, The Economist and RBS.

Last year, Ant opened a new call centre in the former Mike Brewer Motors garage on Bramall Lane, after celebrating 30 years as a business.

Born and raised in Gleadless, Mr Hinchliffe worked in sales jobs for the Financial Times and Stock Exchange before redundancy led him to set up in business.

He started at home but soon moved to 13 Fargate after striking a deal with Liberty Life to occupy unused space in return for recruiting salespeople. Two years rent free in a plush office with a prestigious address was the result.

In a feature in The Star last year he said: “It gave me a great start. If someone asks me for a definition of an entrepreneur I say it’s having the confidence to approach people with a deal.”

Call centre work will always come in for criticism and he admitted it’s not for everyone.

“For some, after a few days, reality dawns that they are sat with productivity targets. It’s a demanding role.

“But I’m quite comfortable that 95 per cent have enjoyed it. They’ve earned some money and it’s been a stepping stone to a great career.”