Ants – The Global Colony

Did you know – ants can be found on every single continent except Antarctica!

We take a lot of inspiration from our six legged friends here at Ant Marketing, and while we share a name, we also share their work ethic, tremendous strength and tight bond with workmates. Ants can be found on every continent in the world, except for Antarctica, and by coincidence, Ant Marketing dials to every single continent in the world barring Antarctica too!

Ant Around The World

We are lucky to work with clients from across the globe, with customers from all corners of the world. This means we need to be able to communicate with people from a variety of different cultures, speaking a multitude of languages. To be able to communicate effectively and represent our clients as well as possible, we employ people from a wide range of countries and cultures. We actually employ people from every single continent, except Antarctica, as well!

Talking Your Language

We dial in over 20 different languages and dialects which allows us to operate on a 24 hour basis, dialling all over the world. We work with native speakers who are experts in the sales field, meaning we produce a high volume of sales with excellent quality standards. If you operate overseas, or would like to attract more customers worldwide, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you grow your international operations.