Are You Sure You Are GDPR Compliant?

Last week, the ICO ordered HMRC to delete five million voice files that they had stored without owners consent, in what has been a significant GDPR breach.

It was found recently that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) failed to gain explicit consent from individuals before signing them up to their voice ID system used in identifying people during telephone enquiries. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) labeled this a “significant” breach of GDPR laws with ICO Deputy Commissioner Steve Wood saying: “Innovative digital services help make our lives easier but it must not be at the expense of people’s fundamental right to privacy”.

GDPR Is An Opportunity

This example shows that the ICO will aggressively pursue GDPR breaches, irrespective of the size, reputation or type of organisation. This shouldn’t intimidate companies however, as Jonathan Rushton, Account Manager at Ant Marketing has said:

“GDPR legislation should be seen as an opportunity for marketing teams. A small and more targeted database of prospects will lead to a better ROI for marketing campaigns. ANT Marketing’s data cleansing campaigns ensure our clients database are up to date and compliant”.

Since the GDPR legislation was first passed by the European Parliament in 2016 Ant Marketing has been working with our clients to ensure their customer databases are GDPR compliant.  We employ strategies that not only cleanse your database, but also generate new business opportunities from what may be considered unusable data.

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