Appointment generation for global banking institution

For the last four years Ant Marketing has been providing an outbound appointment generation and database build function for one of the world’s largest banking institutions. Essentially, Ant Marketing is tasked with generating sales appointments on a national scale for a variety of business-to-business banking divisions, including invoice finance, asset finance, business banking and corporate banking. As well as outbound, Ant Marketing also handle inbound enquiries generating additional sales leads and distributing them accordingly.

300% ROI


Qualified appointments in last 2 years


To generate appointments for relationship managers from the bank to various divisions, based upon agreed criteria.

To generate a comprehensive database for both re-contact and direct marketing activity.

To increase the awareness of the brand, specific product offerings and messages within the marketplace.

To provide the direct marketing team with market research information that can also be used to sculpt future activity.


To ensure each of the appointments present the sales team with a short-, medium- or long-term opportunity to generate business.

To ensure that Ant Marketing report comprehensively and accurately. This is essential to show the effectiveness of the campaign, its current position as well as forecasted performance, and ultimately the return on investment.


Ant Marketing uses a variety of mechanisms to ensure the challenge is met.

Ensuring the team are fully briefed on each of the divisions and have a good understanding of the brand and the products and services that are offered by the bank. It is also key to understand the market position held by the bank and how this will affect decision making processes.
Agreeing and adhering to predetermined criteria for a qualified appointment:
- Decision-making capability
- Timescale of decision to purchase
- Financial level of purchase
Utilising a robust quality control procedure that ensures every appointment is within criteria and that there is a real purpose for the visit. Only pre-audited appointments ever reach the client with huge success rates at the audit stage and a tiny cancellation rate once received by the client.

Ant Marketing has devised a comprehensive but flexible database. This ensures comprehensive but flexible weekly reports across each region and also nationally. Reports also provide market insight into those prospects that declined to meet and the reasons why. This analysis is used to sculpt future prospect databases, offerings and marketing strategies.

Ant Marketing book appointments into the prospect's diary but not into the diary of the relationship manager who will fulfil the appointments. Appointments are booked no sooner than three weeks and no later than five weeks which has proved to be an optimal window of opportunity. The three week period enables the relationship manager time to ensure they can fulfil the appointment. The open approach to diary management vastly increases the propensity to book an appointment and thus reduces costs.

Ant Marketing continually strives to deliver a lower cost per appointment through consultative feedback and working in partnership with the client.