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Appointment Generation for National Training Provider

Ant Marketing has been providing outbound appointment generation for one of the largest training providers in the UK. Ant Marketing is tasked with generating assessor appointments to sign up business employees onto an apprenticeship scheme or an NVQ qualification.


Generate a target number of appointments for assessors, based upon an agreed criteria.

Populate a comprehensive database for both re-contact and direct marketing activity.

Increase the awareness of the training provider.

The primary target market is SMEs within predetermined sectors and geographical areas.


To ensure each of the appointments booked were to sign a learner onto one of the specific Apprenticeships/ NVQ’s provided.

To ensure that Ant Marketing report on all of the booked appointments within the assessor’s diaries supplied.

To facilitate diary management

To ensure the highest level of product knowledge


Ant Marketing use a variety of mechanisms to ensure the challenge is met.

-Ensuring the team are fully briefed on each of the courses available and the capabilities of the individual assessors
-Agreeing and adhering to predetermined criteria for a qualified appointment
-Eligible to complete the qualification
-Timescale of decision to train
-Commitment to the qualification
-Utilising a robust quality control procedure that ensures appointments meet criteria

Ant Marketing has worked with the client to devise a process from call to appointment which ensures that the drop off or cancellation is kept to a minimum and the appointment is tracked and then updated on a daily basis depending on the final outcome.

Each assessor provides their diaries on Outlook, thereby providing for immediate access and updating by Ant Marketing.

-Providing (often via the client) extensive initial and ongoing training
-Creating a stable, dedicated team for the project
-Undertaking ongoing product knowledge assessment (independent of operations, every month Ant Marketing’s Training Division makes an assessment of each operative and, dependent upon the results, provides additional training)

Ant Marketing audits the service by a series of client satisfaction surveys and takes corrective and/or preventative action if required