Customer migration for leading international merchant service provider

Appointment generation for global banking institution

One of our most long standing clients is a leading international merchant services provider. Our relationship had been built from a number of years’ worth of lead generation activity, but it was strengthened when they approached us to help with more of a customer service task.

Our client’s objective was to migrate over 14,000 of their new customers onto a new payment platform and needed written authorisation from the merchant to proceed with the switch. If this wasn’t received in a matter of weeks then their accounts would be deactivated potentially causing a significant dent in our client’s customer base. After several attempts to make contact through post and email, ANT were approached to make contact by phone and within 6 weeks were able to successfully migrate 98% of customers onto the new platform. This highlighted the real value of telephone contact as opposed to just emails/mailers.


of customers successfully migrated.


customers at risk of having their service deactivated.


- To migrate 14,000 existing customers onto a new platform.

- To uphold the client’s reputation and mirror their levels of customer service.


- Ensure that once a form was returned then they were removed from the contact list.

- To ensure that customers were able to complete the necessary paperwork to allow the switch to proceed.

- To uphold the client’s brand and reputation and to deliver exceptional customer service.

- To recruit a sufficient number of staff onto the campaign with short notice in order to service the volume of calls that would be needed to complete the project effectively.


- Daily reporting and suppression files between ANT and the client to ensure the database was regularly updated.

- Forms could be re-sent directly from ANT by post or email and we were linked with our client’s internal customer service team so that we could pass over customers who were willing to provide all of the information then and there.

- Regular call levelling sessions gave the client the confidence that the ANT agents were communicating with their customers appropriately. The team also received ongoing training and support for the duration of the campaign.

- ANT has always been able to attract high quality staff with our long standing reputation as an investor in people, our strong relationships with both Sheffield Universities and a generous benefits/rewards package.