Market research quantitative brand research requirements

For the past 17 years Ant Marketing has offered and conducted a wide range of market research solutions for numerous clients across all business and public sectors, both at home and abroad. We have maintained our relationships for this long because we are committed to meeting the client’s requirements. We constantly strive to add value by suggesting enhancements to the projects and we provide a whole host of management information on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that the client is continuously informed of our activity. Ant Marketing has a dedicated and multi-skilled market research team available at all times for projects. Many of the team have been with Ant Marketing for several years and have therefore built up an excellent skill base and aptitude. All of our activities and agents are governed by ISO20252 (MRQSA) codes of conduct, which guarantees a robust and trustworthy outcome. We offer the whole package dependent on the specific requirements of the client, covering questionnaire construction, questionnaire delivery via telephone and subsequent results analysis.


Design question structure and response design, ensuring the right type of response capture to enable robust statistical analysis

Advise on appropriate sample size to ensure statistical significance of results

Construct the questionnaire and scripting followed by delivery via telephone

Implement the results analysis using appropriate statistical modelling software and subsequent presentation back to the client


To ensure each of the interviews conducted are of the required level and that we gather the correct information

In 2010 we began a quantitative market research project to determine the levels of brand awareness, opinions on the client’s brand positioning and the emotion and attitude evoked within the insurance sector.


Ant Marketing use a variety of mechanisms to ensure the challenge is met, including

Ensuring the team is fully briefed on each project
Agreeing and adhering to predetermined criteria for a qualified interview
Utilising a robust quality control procedure that ensures contact demographics and gathered data are accurate

Robust reporting on a weekly basis. This consistently looks at and measures against the key performance indicators.