Subscriptions for world-leading weekly international publication


For the last 20 year’s Ant Marketing have been providing an outbound and inbound paid subscriptions generation for the worlds leading weekly international news and business publication. We have always been responsible for contacting every lapsed subscriber to the publication across UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa to renew their subscription via telephone. It is because of our commitment to meet the client’s required conversion rates that we have maintained the relationship for this long. We constantly strive to add value by suggesting enhancements to the projects along with providing a whole host of management information on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that the client is continuously informed of our activity . There has always been a dedicated team working for this client and they work from a branded room. Many of the team have been with Ant Marketing for several years and have therefore built up good relationships with the client. We also complete a whole range of ad hoc campaigns that are diarised throughout the calendar year looking at other areas of the subscriber database. We encourage the purchase of gift subscriptions, chase bad debts, handle bounced credit card queries and resolve undeliverable copies. In early 2006, we began a project to handle contacting all of the lapsed subscribers of this publication across USA and Canada and due to our ongoing success we now complete this project on an ongoing basis for the client.


To generate sales leads worldwide across consumer and business audience.

To generate a comprehensive database for both re-contact and direct marketing activity.

To increase the awareness of the brand and specific product offerings.

To provide the direct marketing team with market research information.


To ensure each of the closed sales are of high quality.

To deliver secured sales to the fulfilment team on the regular bases.

Ensuring the highest level of product knowledge


A variety of mechanisms are used to ensure the challenge is met, including:

-Ensuring the team is fully briefed on each project.
-Agreeing to and adhering with predetermined criteria for a qualified sale.
-A robust quality control procedure ensuring contact demographics and financial data is accurate.
-Agreeing to and adhering to delivery schedules with the fulfilment house.
-Extensive initial and ongoing training.
-A dedicated team to the project (7 to 35 operatives)
-Ongoing product knowledge assessment. Independent of operations Ant Marketing every month makes an assessment of each operative and dependent upon the results provides additional training (This is undertaken by Ant Marketing’s Training Division).

Ant Marketing audits the service by a series of client satisfaction surveys, these are undertaken on a regular basis and actions taken if required.