Celebrating April Workiversaries

We had a lot of members of the Ant colony celebrating significant work anniversaries in April…

Congratulations go to Lydia and Nicky who both celebrated their 13th year with Ant Marketing, and Tristan who has been with the company for an incredible 11 years! April also marks Jacob, Kirsty and Claire’s 6th, 5th and 2nd year with Ant respectively.

We sat down with Tristan Haycock, Lydia McCaffrey and Kirsty Wilkinson to find out more about their time at Ant Marketing and why they have chosen to stay with us for so long…

Hi guys, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself!

Tristan – I’m 37, from Sheffield, and my current role at Ant is Assistant Operations Manager
Lydia – I’m Lydia, I live in Mosborough, and I’m the Recruitment Manager here at Ant
Kirsty – My name is Kirsty I am 28 and I am Team Manager on the Appointment Setting department

Tell us something interesting about yourself…

L – I’m half Burmese, half Irish and I have 5 middle names!
K – I have a very boisterous 9 year old so when I am not at work I am entertaining and running round after him but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Give us something you love and something you hate.

T – I love family and holidays (of course), and I hate carbonated drinks
L – I love my Fiancé Carl who also works here at Ant Marketing! I hate inconsiderate people

Which phrase do you use more than any other?

L – “Going rogue”
K – I’m fuming!

Do you remember your first day at Ant? How is it different to now?

T – Of course! I was working on a campaign for a leading energy supplier. I had never worked in a contact centre before, and it has taken me 11 years to work them out!
L – Ant is a completely different place to when I first started working here! When I first started, we didn’t have a dialler. We had to manually dial everyone! I had hand cramps for the first few days…

What does your job entail?

T – I assist in the day to day operation of one of our longest serving and most important campaigns. I help to ensure that client and Ant business requirements are met
L – I deal with all aspects of recruitment from receiving requests for staff, writing and posting adverts, screening CV’s, and conducting telephone, one-to-one and group interviews
K – I look after a team of agents and deal with any issues they have. It may be that they need support on a campaign, or need to book annual leave. It could be that a client has asked for feedback about their campaign, or require a report to show how there campaign is performing. I make sure that this is provided

What has been your greatest accomplishment or favourite memory while at Ant?

T – Achieving ‘Manager of the Year’ award for last year. I am aiming to emulate that again this year
L – There are so many great memories, but one that sticks out is when we had a summer fun day a few years ago, with an inflatable grand national, BBQ & ice cream!
K – I have several accomplishments I am proud of, but one of the best feelings is when an agent is struggling on a campaign and I am able to give them coaching and support. Watching them turn their performance around and transform into a sales machine is amazing!

What do you like most about your job? Are there any parts you do you don’t like?

T – The part I like the most about working at Ant is that I met my future wife, and mother of my baby here! In terms of things I don’t like, well that would have to be Aarron never offering to bring me lunch when he fetches it for everyone else…
L – One of the best parts is when you offer someone a job, then find out how well they’re doing from the departments. It’s so pleasing to see them getting along and fitting in well with the teams
K – I love the people! We always try to make each day as fun as possible, but I’m not too keen on coming to work when its lovely and warm outside…

What are you hoping to achieve in your coming years at Ant?

T – I’d like to climb the next step on the ladder to Operations Manager
L – Recruiting more great people and have them progress through the company is what I’m looking forward to
K – I’d like to progress as far as I can within the company

Thanks for talking to us, and congratulations on your workiversaries!

We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic and driven people to join our team. If you’d like to join the colony, head over to our vacancies page to take a look at the positions we currently have available.