Celebrating February Workiversaries

Celebrating February Workiversaries

After celebrating the significant workiversaries in January, we decided to talk to four of our long standing team members who are celebrating workiversaries in February!

Aarron Sayles has been with Ant for 1 year this February, with Richard Wilson reaching his 3rd year at the company. Sean Rawlin will have been with us for 13 years and Marius Remeikis will have been with us for an incredible 18 years! We spoke to all of them to find out a little more about them and how their time at Ant Marketing has been…

Hi guys! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Marius: I’m 40, and originally from Lithuania. I work as an Account Director
Richard: My job role is Management accountant and I’m from Sheffield.
Sean: I’m from Rotherham, and I’m MD for Ant.
Aarron: I’m 23, from Rotherham and I’m a Team Manager.

Any interesting facts about yourself?

Aaron: I’m a massive Sheffield Wednesday fan! (Sorry Anthony!)
Marius: I think I have a good sense of humour, although my two boys Eddie and Dom would probably argue this statement.
Richard: I’m not a very interesting person really, my life revolves around watching Sheffield Wednesday, coming to work and mountain biking.

Give us something you love or something you hate?

Sean: I love sport, red wine and my family (not in that order)
Marius: Mmm, I love a White Christmas and I hate seeing unpolished shoes.
Aarron: I just hate mushrooms.

Which phrase do you use more than any other?

Sean: “We may be fishing in the wrong ponds”
Aarron: “Si Thi” (see thee)

Do you remember your first day at Ant? How is it different to now?

Marius: In fact, yes I do. I was young, handsome and eager to make some money!
Richard: My first day was great. I suppose it wasn’t really like a first day as I was fortunate to already know or to at least have met a lot of my new work colleagues. The thing that springs to mind was how quick the day went. 3 years later and everyday still flies by.

What does your job entail?

Sean: As MD I am ultimately responsible for business performance and I report directly to our CEO. I also manage a few major accounts within the business.
Richard: I control the company’s finances, produce financial reports for the CEO and MD and submit management accounts to the bank.

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Ant?

Aarron: Greatest accomplishment is joining ANT with a goal in mind of progressing to Team manager and hitting that goal after 3 months. The next goal of Ops manager has now been set!
Sean: My greatest achievement would be standardising the pay grading across the business or growing the Economist account to become the largest account in the business.

What do you like best about your job? Any bits you’re not so fond of?

Richard: ​I haven’t ever enjoyed a job as much as I do this one. I thrive on the responsibilities given to me but first and foremost I think it’s the people. An important part of my work enjoyment is having a laugh and we do that every single day.
Aarron: The only thing I can think of that I don’t enjoy as much is when I have to cover a night shift; only if the night manager is off.

What are you hoping to achieve in the coming years at Ant?

Marius: The sky is the limit!
Aarron: Continue to grow a team of willing and motivated Agents!
Richard: ​I hope to see Ant Marketing continue to build on it’s success. There are many positive things happening at the moment and I’d like to think my own personal rewards will follow suit…
Sean: I want to build the turnover so we see a constant headcount.

Thanks for talking to us, and congratulations on your workiversaries!