Celebrating January Workiversaries

Celebrating January Workiversaries

We’ve got a number of significant work anniversaries coming up in January, so we decided to catch up with Nadia Remeikis, Hannah Chattoo and Joey Underhay to see what it is about working at Ant that they enjoy so much…

Nadia has now been with Ant Marketing for an incredible 18 years! We interviewed Nadia last year to discuss life at Ant. Hannah has also been with us for over a decade, joining the team 12 years ago, with Joey reaching an impressive 5 year anniversary in January too. Here’s what they had to say…

Hi guys! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hannah: Hi I’m Hannah! I’m 33 and a Finance Assistant.
Joey: I’m 29 and the training manager. I love a good fishing trip and am hoping to beat my PB when I go for my 30th
Nadia: I’m 40 and Head of Payroll and HR. I am a violinist, and I played the violin for 8 years at the music academy in Ukraine.

What phrase do you use more than any other?

Joey: “So obviously”.
Hannah: “I’ll be with you shortly” but sometimes people think I’m calling them Shorty, so I should probably stop!

Give us something you love or something you hate?

Nadia: Marmite! Sadly I’m in the hate group of the two…
Hannah: I love DIY, especially building furniture.
Joey: Ew I hate cucumber!

What does your job entail?

Joey: Inducting and training new staff and helping with ongoing training in each department.
Hannah: My job is really varied, but regular tasks include managing the fleet, assist the Management Accountant and producing some of the monthly accounts.

Do you remember your first day at Ant? How is it different to now?

Nadia: Yes, I couldn’t forget! With less regulations back then I was thrown in at the deep end; straight onto calling the Czech Republic to renew subscriptions to a magazine. In my first call I asked what car they drove and was told “Boeing 737”!

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Ant?

Joey: Winning the unsung hero award two years in a row!
Hannah: In 2009 I won Employee of the Year which I was so happy about. All the work I did seemed to take place under the radar, so knowing it had been recognised was a great feeling.

What do you like most about your job?

Joey: I like the fact I get to meet the new people and help them develop and progress to being part of the fun Ant team.
Hannah: I like the fact that no two days are the same in my role.

What are you hoping to achieve in your coming years at Ant?

Hannah: I would like to progress with my AAT studies.
Joey: I definitely want to progress with Ant as the company grows. I love training but would also like to move into other areas of the business.

Thanks for talking to us, and congratulations on your workiversaries!