Communicating During A Product Recall

When something goes wrong you need a robust communications and inbound strategy to manage your company’s reputation, but what’s the best way to do this?


After your company has gone through the necessary legal and legislative processes, you must manage communications by ensuring your customers are informed, and your company is available and responsive. If you keep these two principles in mind, you are well on your way to successfully navigating a product recall.


After something goes wrong, it’s vital to maintain or regain your customers’ trust. There are three core principles your company must uphold while conducting crisis management; Transparency, consistency and responsiveness. Speed is of course important, and when coupled with a message which embodies the three “core principles”, you greatly increase your company’s chance of achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Messages must be pushed out on as many platforms as possible, and as appropriate. They must also be sincere when apologising and offering assistance. Telephony as a channel allows for direct customer interaction, and enables you to accurately track exactly which of your customers have been contacted.

Be Available and Respond

You need to make yourself available for questions and feedback from your customers. Even if the recall requires no input from your customers, you should invite their correspondence to demonstrate transparency and openness. Set scripts and key answers to likely questions and ensure that all members of your team are working towards the same message. It’s wise to have general customer service and crisis management responses in place before any such crisis does occur.

Your team needs to continually asses the recall process, making changes where necessary. Responsivity is not just listening to your customers, it’s making changes and amendments when they do provide feedback. There is no better way to accurately gauge customer sentiment and collect information from your clients than by using the telephone channel. Ant Marketing understands that brand protection is crucial when managing a product recall. If you would like to know more about our inbound experience and the services we can provide for your company, please get in touch.