Customer Experience A Priority in 2019

It has been predicted that price point and product will take a back seat to customer experience this year, as customers look for a “human touch”.

A leading customer experience consultant claims that customers will place overall experience as a priority when making purchasing decisions in 2019. Recent studies have shown that millennials tend to spend more on activities and experiences as opposed to physical products, and baby-boomers are used to a human touch when receiving customer service. This year, brands must ensure that their customers are receiving value that goes beyond product quality and price points.

Understand Customer Emotions

To be able to give your customers a personal or human service, you need to understand what they are thinking and feeling. The only way you can truly do this, is by asking them. Carrying out surveys and market research to get to the bottom of what they really think about your company and what they want to see in the future, will not only help improve your service in order to attract new customers, but will also cultivate loyalty among your current ones. They will feel listened to, and will be able to see changes being made based on their feedback. We have more on how gathering feedback can improve loyalty.

Be Customer Centric

Putting your customers at the centre of your operations will help you focus more on their experience and what your company is actually doing for them. As we point out in a previous blog about being customer-centric, “if [your customers] believe you care about them as a person, they are much more likely to come to you to buy”. Be approachable, think about your inbound marketing strategy, and you will reap the rewards in loyalty and retention.

If you would like help on improving your customer experience this year, please get in touch. Ant Marketing have 30 years’ worth of experience in reaching new customers and taking care of your current ones. We’d love to talk about what we can do for you.