How To Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Measuring customer experience isn’t as easy as asking them to rate it with “positive”, “negative” or “indifferent”.

It is a difficult practice, however gaining quantifiable results is vitally important when aiming to improve customer service and overall experience. Success and failure must be measured at every level, across all of your operations to gauge satisfaction levels, and that must be reviewed to see how these opinions are changing. Customer experience is quickly becoming one of, if not the main differentiator between competitors, and poor customer service can severely impact on a company’s retention and growth. If you want to accurately measure how well you’re performing in terms of customer experience, here are some key changes you can make to how you measure your results…

Set Goals

You should start with some initial ideas about what you want to improve upon. You need to step back from your organisation, assess your company’s mission and objectives, and then look at how the customer’s journey and overall experience matches up with that. Thinking about customer service, you may want to set goals on call wait times, resolution times, customer satisfaction, tone of communications etc. Having targets in mind will help you to make those first assessments, and give you something to build on.

Work Closely With Your Customer Service Team

If you are working with customer service departments or contact centres, customer communication will naturally be a core focus of your organisation. You need to work closely with your customer service agents to convey your aims and message clearly, so that they can do the same to your customers. Be transparent, and open, and you will empower your team to provide insights from their daily interactions with your customers.

Evaluate Your Data

Once you have conveyed your message to your agents and engaged in continual dialogue with them, you then need to interpret the data you have gathered. Look at what your customers want, what you want to do as an organisation, how operations are being carried out, how this affecting both yours and your customers’ needs, and what adjustments you can make. There will always be some grey areas when analysing your customers’ experience, but for the most part, you should be able to gauge accurately where improvements can be made.

If you would like help in talking to your customers, or better understanding your clients, please get in touch. We have years worth of experience in market research, competitor analysis and brand perception, and can work with you to develop the right marketing strategy, based on your customer’s wants and needs.