Increasing Subscriptions For Our Clients

As we have pointed out previously, effectively managing your current service subscribers is as important as generating new ones, but often, trying to find new subscribers, particularly from a specific sector, industry, or demographic can be the most challenging part of maintaining a subscriber base.

Controlled circulation is an area that Ant Marketing are particularly experienced in, and over the past 18 years, we have been providing outbound and inbound controlled circulation generation for the UK’s leading weekly information technology publication. Responsible for contacting current and lapsed subscribers via telephone, our main objective has been to renew subscriptions. We are also responsible for building up the client’s readership by contacting potential new readers of the publication from a business audience, meeting all terms of control. Other objectives include meeting audit requirements, generating a high-quality database for both re-contact and direct marketing activity, increasing awareness of the publication and the publishing company, all within set timescales.


There are difficulties of meeting such objectives, however there are key things you can do in order to achieve your targets. Ensuring each registration is of high quality requires careful briefing of your team, and utilising a robust quality control and internal audit procedure to make sure your contact demographics and requirements have been met. If you are working with an outsourced company, there may be concerns over the level of product knowledge that their team will have. During our 18 year partnership with our technology publication client, we ensured that the whole team working on the project had extensive and ongoing training. Their level of product knowledge was assessed every month too. Ant Marketing’s Training Division makes an assessment of each operative and, dependent upon the results, provides additional training.

Achieving Results

To ensure our clients are as fully satisfied with our service, we conduct audits by a series of regular client satisfaction surveys and take action if required. The client closely monitors the data penetration and secured completed registrations generated from each database supplied. Ant Marketing also delivers robust reporting, which consistently measures against the key performance indicators and an agreed service level. We have maintained our relationships with our clients for many years due to our commitment to meeting the client’s requirements.