Managing and Retaining Service Subscribers

For large, national and global companies, managing huge numbers of subscribers can be a challenge, but staying on top of lapsed subscribers, as well as acquiring new customers is vital to keep growing.

Subscriptions offer the opportunity for steady streams of revenue, allowing you to grow and develop a company confidently and relatively securely. Just because you have a large number of subscribers however does not mean that they’ll be there forever. You need to manage them effectively as well as looking for new opportunities.

Growing Subscriptions

Ant Marketing have been working with the world’s leading weekly international news and business publication to help them grow their subscriber numbers over the last 20 years. We contact each lapsed subscriber of the publication across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and North and South America and speak to them about renewing their subscription. We also encourage the purchase of gift subscriptions, chase bad debts, handle bounced credit card queries and resolve undeliverable copies. Our achievements, in terms of target conversion rates set by the client, have enabled our partnership to grow over the many years.

Strong Relationships

We strive for a close and long relationship with all of our clients, and on this particular account, we have installed a dedicated team to work for the client from a fully branded room. Many of our team have been with Ant Marketing and working with the client for a number of years, and have enjoyed a great relationship with key members of their organisation. We keep all of our clients continually informed of our activity and work with their account, and strive to add value by suggesting enhancements to projects.

We ensure that each of the sales we close are of high quality, which we achieve by fully briefing our team before campaigns, adhering to an agreed criteria for the sale and implementing robust quality control. We instil the highest possible level of product knowledge into our teams by conducting extensive and continual training,

You can read more about how we have been consistently delivering high quality service subscriptions for the world’s leading weekly international news and business publication here.