National Customer Service Week

The most important part maintaining good customer relationships revolves around customer service, this is why it’s important we take the time to recognise National Customer Service Week, both to raise awareness of how important customer service is to us but to also celebrate our achievements and commend all our employees for their fantastic customer service.

National Customer Service Week is an initiative run by the Professional Association for Customer Engagement, formerly The International Customer Service Association (ICSA). This year’s event runs from 5th to 9th October.

Looking after customers is vital to the success of our business, we take pride in how we deliver our service. Take a look at the key elements that we use here at Ant for providing excellent customer service.


Insight: Knowing your customer and how to deliver to them

Having an insight into your customer’s mind and getting to know your clients pays off in the long run. This can form a critical part of your customer journey and helps keep consumers happy. Talking to customers and getting to know them will mean those fine personal details and memorable interactions may just win you sales. People develop better relationships with your brand when they have a positive experience and talk to someone who values and remembers things important to them.


Capability & Skills: Identifying and nurturing customer service skills in your organisation

We want our staff to grow with us, so we offer incredible opportunities for those looking for a new challenge. As a team, we work together to continue to provide excellent customer service to our existing customers and to new ones. 

For all our staff, both new, and those who have been with us a while and are looking at gaining more experience, we offer training such as NVQ courses, enabling them to achieve a professional qualification alongside serving customers with excellence. 


Recognition: Celebrate your customer service heroes

Our team are important to us and are key to our success – with over 350 staff, and another 300 on the way. We enjoy celebrating all of our staff teams achievements, both little and big wins and those who go the extra mile to provide excellent quality service to our customers. 

A customer service person can be a hero. Not all companies give their customer service team the opportunity to bring their wit, personality and problem-solving skills to the table, but these ultimately benefit customers. Creative customer service can make all the difference between a satisfied and an unsatisfied customer. 


Leadership: Championing customer service in the boardroom

Ant is an ever-growing company that continues to promise excellent progression to potential staff in and around Sheffield, the vast majority of our managers have worked their way up through hard work and determination.

Our CEO, Anthony Hinchliffe, started our business from his kitchen table. To be able to see the expansion and progression of the company since then is phenomenal. As CEO, Anthony plays a dynamic hands-on role in the business. Overseeing business development and expansion, he continues to work closely with our key clients, team and partners.


Trust, Ethics & Sustainability: Building brand reputation through your actions

Maintaining our brand reputation and ensuring all our customer service is top standard, is something we take very seriously at Ant Marketing. This means having clear and consistent lines of communication with colleagues, clients and suppliers, we ensure we go above and beyond, and when building our digital communities we are completely transparent.