Sports Day at Ant Marketing

Here at Ant, we make a concerted effort to make sure our team is happy, enthusiastic and motivated, and we actively encourage our team leaders to come up with ideas to help make Ant Marketing a great company to work for.

Our Appointment Setting team decided to set up an active incentive taking place on Fridays to help get agents away from their desks for a while, with the chance to win gift vouchers… Introducing the Appointment Setting Sports Day!

Boosting Spirits

Team Manager, Molly Yorke, said:

“It is really important to mix incentives up and do something different every month to keep the team engaged. The sports day incentive was put in place to help drive all 11 teams to achieve their targets for performance and productivity. Only the top four teams with the most points are able to participate at the event weekly which creates a competitive atmosphere throughout the rest of the week in the build up to the event. You’ll see team captains motivating their peers to get as many points as possible, so it really boosts the spirit on the floor!

“The sports day incentive has been a lot of fun, even for the teams that didn’t win gold in the activity as it was time spent outside off the phones, taking part in something fun. It was also a great team building exercise, as in every aspect of the incentive, teams work together cheering and motivating each other every step of the way. Individuals have been recognised for their great work, not just by their managers, but also by their colleagues as well. It’s boosted morale and results, as well as helped to create an inclusive and supportive environment too.”

The first event in our sports dat was the old favourite, egg and spoon race…





The second event was a World Cup inspired dribble competition!





In our third event, teams nominated a person to compete in a one-on-one skipping challenge. Joe sped into the lead and saw off his competitors with ease, stealing this week’s medal!





Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on who will take home the trophy!