Telephone Sales in The Insurance Industry

Last week, we attended BIBA 2018, an event hosted by the British Insurers Brokers Association. We were exhibiting to attendees, explaining how we can help brokers to grow and add substantial value to their salesforce.

We have lots of experience in the insurance and financial services sectors, and have been delivering excellent results for clients for years. We have been working with a leading catalogue company since 2002 to help them sell creditor insurance to their catalogue customers. There are many challenges when selling insurance, with one of the biggest ensuring full compliance with the FCA regulations. Here’s how we regulate and monitor standards in our insurance division…

Account Director George Rowley at BIBA 2018

Complying With FCA and DPA Regulations

As we conduct our sales via the telephone, there are specific guidelines that our team has to follow.  We ensure that all of our agents and management working on these types of projects are fully trained and tested on FCA and DPA guidelines, and establish an independent audit function to remove any complacency. We also listen to a percentage of calls per agent to assess them against the quality criteria set by the FCA, and have a detailed set of procedures to deal with poor call quality. Our clients are also free to listen to a selection of calls made by our agents to assess the quality for themselves. All training and coaching is recorded for each individual agent for FCA audit, and refresher training is conducted for agents every six months.

Building Our Relationship With Clients

Over a 14 year period, the size of the project for our catalogue company client increased from 18 FTEs to 40 FTEs. What’s more, during our retention of the contract, we pitched for the account twice and won it back both times due to the quality of our work and competitive pricing. The client has been successfully audited as a part of the thematic PPI audit by FCA, which also involved a detailed audit of the functions outsourced to Ant Marketing. Finally, the account has grown from just one product and now offers a portfolio of products, which we are extremely proud of.

If you would like to know more about how we work with the insurance industry, take a look at our full case study on how we conducted insurance sales for a leading catalogue company. You can also get in touch with us to find out more about our services and the type of industries and sectors we work with.