What Your Customers Expect From You

For many businesses, customer service is the backbone of their operations, but what exactly do customers expect when talking to companies?

According to a customer service expectations survey conducted by Gladly, 92% of people say they would stop purchasing from a company after three or fewer negative customer service experiences, with 26% saying they would stop after just one. With more choice and variety of services than ever, customers have high demands, but what are they looking for in their customer service? Here are some important practices you need to get right if you want to live up to your customers’ expectations…

No Repeats

When an issue arises, customers don’t like to have to repeat their issue to multiple agents. Customers should be able to explain their problem once, and if they need to be passed to a separate department, their new customer service agent should already have sufficient information to be able to help, without the full issue being explained again.


Speed of response is important, as it has been found that 93% of people say the maximum amount of time they are prepared to wait on hold is 5 minutes. With the increase in service speed however, comes a lack of personalisation. Customers do not want to feel like just another case number to be completed, they want to be made to feel like valued customers, and be treated as an individual. In fact, the Gladly survey showed that more respondents felt that being treated this way was more important than the speed of service.


When recounting issues multiple times, often customers will get different responses from different agents, resulting in confusion and frustration. Keeping all of your customer service departments updated with the latest protocol and information will eliminate this and should drastically reduce customer dissatisfaction.

If you follow these core practices when delivering your customer service strategy, you will increase your chance of customer retention, as well as the likelihood that they will refer people they know. There is more to customer service than just solving a problem, and the way you communicate with and treat your clients has a serious impact on their overall satisfaction. If you would like to know more about how Ant Marketing has been helping organisations connect with their customers, please give us call. We’d love to help you meet your customers’ expectations.