Why People Beat Robots When It Comes To Customer Service

While automated customer service channels have their benefits, there’s still no competition for traditional methods of customer interaction when it comes to delivering a high quality service.

The rise of AI chat robots in customer service has certainly been a quick one, but while this growing trend is catching the attention of business decisions makers, they may be overlooking the most important part of customers service – the customer. Traditional customer service channels such as telephony provide a unique experience which cannot be replicated by automated methods


With channels such as telephony, companies are given the chance to express their brand identity more vividly and convey values in a particular tone. This direct contact with your customers makes it much easier to get your business’s personality across and treat each customer in a unique and personal way.


Telephone agents can quickly adapt to the needs of the customer, and truly understand what it is the customers requires. If something goes wrong during the customer service process, it’s much quicker to put things right while on the phone, and any frustration on the customers’ side is reduced, as they are able to have a human conversation without having to wait for it to be escalated up the chain online.


If you are employing a customer-centric customer service strategy, focusing on telephony shows customers you value their opinions, welcome their direct feedback and strive to dedicate time and effort to meeting their needs. If your customers can see how much you value them, they are much more likely to return and refer you to friends.

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