Why Your Sales People Should Stick To Sales

A phrase we often hear when speaking with clients is “our sales people can schedule their own appointments”. While that is true, this isn’t always the best use of their time…

Setting up meetings and chasing leads is a time consuming process, and is something which many large companies task their sales force with. While this has its benefits in terms of keeping all stages of the marketing and sales process within the sales team, it isn’t always efficient or cost effective.

Account Director at Ant Marketing, Clive Burnham, said: “Sales people should focus on closing deals, not finding leads – that is marketing’s job. Time spent looking for leads means hours lost working on qualified opportunities”. There are some key reasons why companies decide to move their appointment setting operations to a third party, and leave their sales team to focus on what they do best….

Free Up Resources

Securing appointments is vital, but so is closing the sale. If your sales teams are spending time chasing appointments as well as trying to plan for sales meetings, they are missing out on valuable time spent researching and strategising for those all important face to face appointments.

Specialist Assistance

Outsourcing your appointment setting allows you to take advantage of dedicated and experienced specialists who will be able to provide a level of know-how that your sales team simply cannot.

Cost Efficiency

As specialist marketing companies are able to convert a higher number of calls and accurately track and measure the success of campaigns, you can be sure that outsourcing is a much more cost efficient way of conducting your marketing activities.

Our appointment setting team is full of experts in the field, with years of quality training and experience between them. Every appointment is fully audited, giving you the best grounds for the highest quality appointments. We also guarantee extensive ROI. Ant Marketing are flexible, forward thinking, and work with your business to create the right campaigns and strategies.

If you would like to know more about how Ant Marketing can work with your company, please contact Clive Burnham for more information – clive.burnham@antmarketing.com.